Monday, February 28, 2011

Books in different languages

Hello everyone, I have been working on building a Multilingual Library in my classroom. It has been a great experience but, it has taken a lot of time. One of the challenges is finding books in the languages my students speak. Most of the students I teach speak Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese. Then Chinese, Laotian and Swahili. There's a lot of great books translated into Spanish but not the other different languages I mentioned.

I found a great site where you can find a small selection of bilingual books in several languages, not all, though. It is called Language Lizard. Another source is the Librarians Association site where you can find a list of the Newbery winners and the languages in which most of these books have been translated but it's not current.

If you are looking for books translated into different languages, you may want to start by going to your public library or bookstore.