Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Growing Colors By Bruce McMillan

If you click the title above, you'll be able to see the cover of this book. It is a very simple picture of a leaf. Each letter in the word "colors" introduces you to the genius of this book, in my opinion. The photographs are beautiful bright and simple! You get to see only two main ideas in each page, the color which pops immediately as you turn each page and the vegetable or fruit. I find that books that are visually simple are the best tools to work with newcomer or beginner students. No matter how old they are, these pictures are just great, Either to show the color or the vegetable or fruit, this is a great resource. I imagine if you are reading this, you have some sort of experience working with people who speak a second language, perhaps someone brand new to English who communicates with you only through gestures. How do you explain colors without words? Well, in a classroom, perhaps color pencils are the easiest way. You can also go around pointing at things that are red or green, for example. I find not all books are the best tools for this because there is so much color in them most of the time. This book in particular is excellent for practicing colors, however! There is no confusion about what you are talking about. Most of all it is beautiful to look at. I hope to hear what are your favorite ways to teach basic concepts like "colors" without words.

To add complexity to the teaching of colors, check this site out.

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