Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's Day: Candy, Love and Hearts by Elaine Landau

Valentine's is my favorite holiday! I don't know why but, ever since I was in Kindergarten I have asked my mother to buy candy and Valentine's for me to give to my friends and teachers. Now, I do make a big deal about it with my students. So far, I haven't had any complaints. This book is one of eight books from a series called Finding Out About Holidays. All the books are great but I like the Valentine's Day one in particular. It is very complete because it gives you a couple of versions about the origins of this Holiday. Particularly cool for the ELL students is that it includes a chapter of "Valentine's Day Weddings" with pictures from couples from different countries and faiths. It also explains the typical Valentine's staples -- candy, hearts, valentine cards. It even includes a craft. The one thing that I love though, is the list of "I love you" in different languages. It 's a great opportunity to have students share their native languages and talk about a splendorous thing! If you use it, I'd love to hear how you like it.



  1. What a great idea. I bet the kids love that. I think that I am a primary teacher at heart! Kudos to you.

  2. I am having my first experience teaching students from ELL backgrounds and I cannot wait to use this for my first graders on Valentine's Day. This is very exciting because I have been searching for different resources to use effectively! Thanks so much <3

    1. Ms. Milewski, So glad you found this useful! Thanks for visiting and posting! ELL Forever.