Friday, May 21, 2010

César ¡Sí se puede! Yes, we can! By: Carmen T. Bernier-Grand

"Bernier-Grand and Díaz have done a beautiful job of providing people with a creative approach to connect with and understand César's life, work, and ideals on a very personal level and to open the hearts and minds of the world to his legacy of social justice and quality for all poeple." (Julie C Rodríguez)

The reason why I think this is a great book for English Language Learners is not just because it is beautifully illustrated or because it is about the outstanding story of an immigrant and the American Dream. Besides all that, it is because the language though poetic, is simple and interjects Spanish expressions. I have read this book with elementary student Intermediate and Intermediate-Advanced proficiency levels with great success. They can relate to the poetry. It is simple, yet meaningful. It is easy to talk about language, but also about social issues and history. Highly recommend it.

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