Monday, May 24, 2010

Whistle for Willie By Ezra Jack Keats

"Willie longs to be able to whistle for his dogs and make many ingenious attempts". Ah, The skill of whistling! I do remember when I was trying to learn how to whistle! Do you? There are so many kinds of whistles and there are as many meanings behind every single one of them. It is a great topic to bring up with Students from other countries. I recommend this book to all ELL teachers who want to hear more about their students' cultures. I am sure you'll be amazed at the conversations this book will bring! I'd love to hear some of them too!


  1. I love Keat's stories. Using the artwork as a tool to critique the writing and the story is fun for the students to practice their oral English.

  2. In kindergarten we usually do different author studies and I found that Keat's stories are very interesting for kids. I also use Keat's books to teach personal narrative.